The air element is used to create gusts of wind that can be be used offensively or defensively. The sub-skill of air, shadow, can be unlocked once a user reaches appentice level.

Possible Abilities & Skill Levels


Those just learning to use the air element are able to control small currents of air to move only very light objects, create gentle gusts of wind, but do not have fine control of the air yet. This may not be used offensively or defensively at this time as of yet. 


As an air elemental increases their strength, they are able to use larger gusts of air to push smaller creatures back from them in an offensive or defensive action, or move heavier objects and even create vortexes of intermediate strength. They can now use their skill to push small wounds closed on a wolf.


They may learn to focus pockets of air in certain areas (such as the head), and might even be able to remove them from other areas. With this focusing ability comes the ability to cut flesh or other thin objects, by focusing a thin blade of air. While they can sustain these spells for a longer period of time and use less energy, they are still far from a master.


It is now easy to suffocate even large creatures (not wolves) by depriving them of air. Large gusts of air can be manipulated as well as thicker objects may be cut with a blade of air.  It is now more possible to use the air to do more detailed manipulations now that one has finer skill.


Someone who has completely mastered the air element can create tempests and summon winds that can uproot trees. By this point, limbs may be broken as well by throwing gusts of air at wolves or other creatures. While those strong with this ability may be able to push debris from their bodies, they are otherwise fairly unskilled with actual healing. A user overflowing with magic can sustain these spells for quite a time. This element is particularly deadly when used in combination with the water or light element, as full-blown weather storms can be created by manipulating rays of light or drops of water into hail, lightning, etc.  A champion of their element is IMMUNE to their own crafted element, meaning that if it's of their own personal elemental affinity, they will not suffer ill effects of it.