Ingesting this plant causes the body temperature to rise uncontrollably, creating a fatigue that is difficult to overcome. If only a small amount is eaten, it will pass in a few minutes. If a large amount is eaten, it will cause a creature to be immobile due to lack of physical energy for up to three hours. It can be dried and also used, although it will take a great deal more than if it is fresh.

This plant is also used as a curative for the disease Spasm Freeze .


This is a small, low to the ground plant, usually considered a weed. It has four "leaves" on a tiny reddish stem. 

Burnstem by Hazuki!


This plant is only found in the chilly regions of the north: Chill Ridges, Ice Forest and Frozen Plains during any season. 


The only treatment for the ingestion of this plant is rest.