A Calico Character Creation - Step by Step!

Hello there! We do have a rather marvelous starter guide that will tell you all about what you need to do here on Sverige to start out. However, character creation itself can often be a tricky process and sometimes, it's good to have a bit more detail on the whole thing! Continue reading onwards to become further enlightened about creating that perfect character for Sverige!

It's all in the Name

We are an account per character site, which means you need to name your account what your character's name is. Registered under a different name than the name you've chosen for your character? You can change that VERY easily in the user control panel. A reccommendation is to choose a name that's not a human styled name. After all, we're roleplaying wolves, not humans stuffed into wolf suits!

Choose a Species

Wolves on Sverige are one of six very unique species.