Here in Sverige, your wolves are free to form and join their own groups. Groups are different from packs in several ways: members of a pack may also belong to a group, or the entire member base of several packs may belong to the same group. Groups may be religions, official alliances, or clubs.

Types of Groups


Passive groups are often groups like religions, where others are allowed to freely join. Passive groups do not have much in character up keep and often have many different branches that do their own thing.

Passive groups do not usually have a single leader.


An active group is a group that has fairly regular meetings and often requires permission to join the group.

Like passive groups, active groups may have many smaller groups. Each of the small groups may have their own leader, however they will always answer to the main leader of the entire group.

Current and Past Groups

Current Past
Vigilants of Valkryi Holer's Demons
Aszia Death Hunters

Forming a Group


The only requirement for forming a group is that there has to be at least one active character on the site participating and representing what the group stands for. For example, if Bob wants to start a group of vampire hunters, Bob would have to actively pursue hunting vampires in character. Ideally, he would also look for other vampire hunters to help him when he needs it.


Unlike a pack, a group does not need to be formed in character unless the creator wishes. Instead, a thread about the group should be posted here or in the plotting section, so that other people can join in if they wish.

After Formation

Maintaining the Group

Rules, traditions, and possibly the member base of a group are expected to be kept up to date in their forum.

Consequences of Neglect

If your group is neglected, it will be disbanded, or ownership will be given to another member of the group. If major changes have been made to the group and they have not been updated in the group's board within ten days, that counts as neglect. If the leader(s) of an active group have not posted in ten days, that counts as neglect.

Of course, this does not apply if you are on vacation or what have you. However, you must inform a staff member and your group that you will be away.

Add Your Group to the Guide

To add your pack to the guide, fill out the form here  and send it in to a staff member.


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