These ingredients were, unfortunately, found to be detrimental to the health of the subject they were tested on. Any healer can discover new harmful ingredients (or new properties of existing ingredients) by testing them in character, either on themselves, an animal companion, or another wolf. To have something new added to the guide, PM a staff member with the required information (found below) and a link to the thread in which is was discovered.

Plants & Flowers

Name & Description Known Properties
SICKLEAF Extreme, immobilizing pain which can lead to death
VIOLET DEATH  Stomach pain, vomiting
BLUE BANE Burning, tingling, and numbness leading to paralysis
ITCH BUSH Itching and burning in affected areas
BRACKISH FROND Fern that causes vomiting or death
BURN STEM A small, scrubby red-stemmed plant that causes fatigue