Humans are the newest creatures in Sverige. Not much of known about them, and they are feared because of it. They appear to originate from a large, shiney building in the middle of the city in West Stockholm.

Lifespan: Unknown  /  Diet: Unknown  /  Rarity: There are 30 known humans in Sverige. This technically makes them 'rare,' whoever they seem to be more comfortable with making themselves known than other animals, like bald bears and skickra.

Physical Description


Humans are a strange sort of animal. They have no fur except for at the very tops of their heads, and are often pink in color. They walk on only two of their legs, though they have four. They are tall and have long limbs, but no tail.


Their height, weight, and body types are all too different to give average measurements. They are all larger than wolves by several feet.




Erratic and secretive, the humans seem to do their best to keep away from the wolves and other animals. If they feel threatened, they throw things, make loud noises, and make as though they were going to attack their antagonist. It is not known if they are truly dangerous, or are just good at putting on a frightening show. They very rarely travel alone.




Little has been heard, but it is not impossible for wolves to understand. They, however, seem incapable of understanding wolfish, nor wolf body language. Their body language is quite expressive, however. They make loud noises and swing their arms about when they are upset.