This pack accepts all other wolves, and we are a polite neutral. To protect from trespassers, we scatter traps around the territory that only outsiders can fall into. If threatened, Ikanzi will partake in any battle or war that floats their way.



This wolf leads until he/she dies, and when they do die an election is taken to choose a new Alpha. The Alpha is in charge of keeping the pack safe and under control, to focus on the big picture and to help their pack mates through tough times. This wolf also decides who is banned from the territory, when a battle will take place, and what to do in a tough situation. Their Beta also sometimes helps. 


Stay SafeEdit

One of Ikanzi's goals are to protect any wolves that they find in trouble, and to beef up their defenses just in case. They also focus on helping out their allies in times of need. You never know what might happen.

Make AlliesEdit

Ikanzi also will openly be recruiting wolves, they definitely need more numbers.


Like stated before, Ikanzi welcomes all wolves with welcome arms as long as they can prove that they are not a threat. Once or twice a year, they will hold a feast for any loners willing to join.


Any hurt, sick, or wolf in need is welcome to stay, but if it is a perfectly healthy wolf that just wants a place to sleep, they migh be considered a waste to keep. If they do stay though, its only for a few days.


Summer, year 3Edit

Ikanzi is created, the wolves know it will be hard to make it through their first winter, and the beginning pack of mixed wolves settled down in the western side of the Shining woods. More wolves are needed to make the pack stronger, so they are actively recruiting. Who knows what will happen to this newly forged pack deep in the Shining woods; hopefully something in their favor.

Autumn, year 4Edit

Ikanzi has fallen after the death of it's leader, Spirit. The remaining wolves could not agree on a new Alpha, and have disbanded.



MEANING: The strong, swift, and clever

SYMBOL/GROUP IMAGE: A wolf eye surrounded by a gold circle

MOTTO: No matter how much life spits in your face, or how many wolves push you down, never give up.