Sverige was her brain-child, and she has cultivated it very carefully so that it is able to flourish like a pretty, radioactive, flower of the post-apocalyptic world. The game being based in her home country of Sweden makes it a bit more unique, as she can add detail to the game that brings it to brilliant life due to her experiences there.

Josephine started out her journey into the world of RP as a long-time member and roleplayer on Neopets, where she also learned how to code using CSS and HTML. She is a quick study of code, and is very keen on making it do exactly what she wants after a few tries. Josephine is the coding and layout genius behind Sverige, and is whom keeps it looking very beautiful. She is also skilled at photomanipulations, creating beautiful headers and other images for the game as she sees fit.

Josephine currently has an adorable little bunny (Sophie) at home and enjoys playing video games such as Mass Effect in her spare time. She is studying language at home and is living with her awesome sambo, Simon. While Josephine has created this wonderful world for us to role-play in, she is not currently involved in any administration duties or otherwise on the site at this current time. She is persuing other personal projects at this time and there are no ill feelings from her towards the site or anyone on it currently. :) Please do not, however, contact her with questions about Sverige, as she is no longer involved in it's day to day upkeep. Thank you! :)

"Josephine" is too long! Can I call you something else?

Jo, Jose, Josie/y, Jobar, Pheen, Pheenie/y, The Blue One, Hey You, Bane, Wiley.

Wait, What the Heck is a Sambo?

It is a Swedish word literally meaning 'living in the same place.' It is a word used to describe couples with romantic feelings for one another that are living together but are not married. It is a step in between being boyfriend and girlfriend and being engaged (for couples than get married, anyway). In English one would say he is my boyfriend, since there is no other word for it, however in Swedish it is seen as something else entirely and simply using 'boyfriend' or 'girlfriend' might be insulting to the other party. It would be as though you thought you were best friends with someone, but if you brought it up to them they looked at you like you were crazy and said "No, you're just a regular friend." Hehe. ;)


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