Lerkrat are the largest species in Sverige, and are some of the most feared warriors because of it.  In game terms, this means that lerk are a warrior class species, as described on the classes wiki page.

Physical DescriptionEdit



A lerk is shaped somewhat like a hyena, with pronounced shoulders and hind legs that are shorter than the front legs. Lerkrat have short necks, faces, and tails, but they have very large ears that are straight on the inside and rounded on the outside. Lerkrat have thick limbs and bodies, and are easily the most heavily-muscled wolves in Sverige. They tower over nearly everyone, making them a truly intimidating sight to behold.

Sexual DimorphismEdit

Males have larger and more pronounced shoulders than females, but otherwise there is no difference.


The maximum height of a lerk is 42 inches at the shoulder. Most lerkrat are in the 40 - 42 inch range. The smallest lerkrat (which are still much bigger than most other wolves) are only 36 inches tall. The largest lerks weigh up to 235 pounds, with smaller ones weighing as little as 175 pounds.


All colors

A chart of colors a lerk could be.

A lerk has short to medium-length fur on their bodies, typically with longer fur on their tails and shoulders. Lerkrat come in all sorts of colors.


Lerkrat have excellent vision and an extremely strong sense of smell.


While Lerkrat look intimidating and mean, this is not always the case. Most are entirely reasonable individuals, however this is not something that the majority of other wolves or creatures are willing to accept. Some Lerkrat are extremely aggressive, and have given the species as a whole a bad reputation. Most are very caring and open toward strangers, and enjoy living in groups.


The gestation period of a lerk is 63 days, or an in character season and a half. They have 3 puppies at the most, and breed only once a year in the fall or winter.


A lone lerk is usually capable of taking down large prey, like seals or deer. However, that is too much food for a single lerk. Unless they have someone else to share a meal with, they will prey upon smaller creatures such as rabbits, lynxes, badgers, etc.


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