Malum is mainly mage-focused, though warriors are welcome to join forces with them. Those looking for a temporary home or those that are religious are not welcome here. Generally dark allied, this is not a group to trust quickly, or a group to be trusted for that matter. 


Anzavel & Niyali (Fall of year two - present) Edit

Malum is currently lead by Anzavel and her ghoulish mate, Niyali. Both were former believers in the god "Holer", before realizing that they didn't see eye to eye with the deity. Both are dark mages and Anzavel is experienced with pack leadership, vowing to be a fair leader so long as she and Niyali are obeyed and respected.






Symbol/Group ImageEdit



"Magic is the world's second oldest profession, a mystical and often awe-inspiring spectacle."

Activity RulesEdit

Members must post at least once every two weeks unless a hiatus has been posted. If you fail to meet this requirement then your character will be removed and there is no guarantee that they will be allowed to return. 



Malum hopes to expand it's territory beyond that of the average pack by taking over resources, prey, and land. Should someone threaten that then they promise to become hostile. 


In order to make their expansion goal a reality, members need to grow strong and skilled, especially the mages. Brute strength is one thing, but magic is sneaky and intangible, therefore making it a valued set of skills to have within Malum. Training sessions, spars, etc. will be set up often and members are expected to participate. 

Effort Edit

Members are expected to contribute in some way, shape, or form whether it be through hunts, patrols, pup-sitting, etc. Anyone found guilty of not contributing will be thrown from the pack or demoted. If you are demoted then there is no guarantee that you will regain your former rank. 


Malum is actively recruiting at the moment and accepting anyone of dark, dark/neutral, or neutral alliances. Those that are already members are encouraged to seek out new members and bring them to the alphas so that they may be approved.

Guests & VisitorsEdit

Guests will be expected to stand at the boarder of their territory and howl for a member to come and meet with them. If they neglect to do so then it is certain that they will be met with hostility. Anyone found purposely trespassing will be HUNTED. Not just chased, but the pack will literally hunt with intent to kill you, your body to be used as food. 


Fall, year twoEdit

The pack has officially formed with Anzavel and Niyali as it's founders and alphas. After speaking with several others and meeting with said wolves a large number of followers have decided to follow behind them. The search for a territory is in the making and, hopefully, Malum will have claimed land by winter.