On this page you will find all sorts of different maps of the land Sverige and its explored locations.


The map of the playable area of Sverige: post-apocalyptic Sweden in the far future. Click on the map to see a larger view! Map created by Josephine for Sverige.

As you can see, in the map to the right, this is the playable area of Sverige, with the area of Stockholm in the middle. The landscape is broken up and the continent has been slightly reformed in this area due to past events:  land-moving and shattering machines used in the conflicts that destroyed humanity, scientific experimentations into warfare that changed the weather, permanently, in certain locations  and natural erosion over the course of nearly 200 years. 

The weather in the north is always very frigid and cold, in any season, this is extremely true in the Frigid Plains and the Ice Forest. The rest of the landmass behaves normally with the seasons. There are created (terraformed) land bridges that link the north west part of Stockholm to the west region and the north east part of Stockholm to the east region as well as the northern part to the north region.


Map created by Pya for use on Sverige! Please click for a larger view!

To the west and northern corner are ruined dwellings of a former residential area where many odd trinkets can be found. Center north is an old zoo area and northeast is an old ruined university with many destroyed buildings, streets and greenspaces. 

Through the middle is the large sinkhole, old library and a golfcourse. In the southern half lies a large shiny building that the humans seem to live in, a misty expanse of desolate land, and a cemetary. Near the river lies a grand hall space, with gardens and a fountain that the wolves have created for their own use out of the rubble of the former society, and a debris strewn beach along the river. 

Here you can see that there are land bridges that join the area of the ruined city to the lands around it, making for fairly easy travel by the wolves. While these were likely either crafted somehow by the past inhabitants, or merely an effect of lowering water levels in those areas due to the strange radiation fueled happenings, they do serve as very helpful.