These humans are not of the friendly sort- they will attempt to capture and kill wolves.

NPC type: plot / Species: human / Gender: N/A / Appears: Commonly in North Stockholm, but can be found anywhere

Physical Description

These look much like regular humans, however they often come clad in thick body armor.


It is clear that these humans want one thing and one thing only: their city back. They will stop at nothing until they have reclaimed Stockholm for the humans. They do not care to make friends and will capture wolves and other animals and then, upon releasing them, would track them back to their home base, group, friends, etc., and exterminate them.


Commonly found in North Stockholm, as they live on the golf course that can be found there. However, the humans will appear anywhere in the city.


Opening the Floodgates

These humans were released by Holer alongside the Scientist Humans. For several months they lived with the other humans and struggled to survive. However, a difference of opinion ending up splitting the group of humans in two. Both groups went separate ways to pursue their own interests.

The Flood

The militant humans began appearing all over the city and were proactively trying to harm wolves and other animals. They captured Flamewalker of Browar and Phoenix of Orior, and although they released them it came at great cost.

The Attack on Browar

After following Flamewalker back to the university, the humans launched an attack on the building.