Radiation caused six different species of wolf to evolve in Sverige long ago and has also caused strange features to appear on some of our wolves. You can buy mutations for your character in the shop with points earned from posting. 

I Don't Have Enough Crowns!

Hey- no big deal! We do have the TACLAC board (Take a Crown, Leave a Crown- you can read more here), where you might be able to get a few free mutations from some of the friendly members of Sverige. It is also possible for you to purchase crowns with real money. All proceeds go to the site, for things like ad-free and premium cbox.

List of Possible Mutations

Mutation Name Mutation Type Description
Feathers Aesthetic Rather than fur, feathers grow from this character's body. This mutation may be localized in as many areas as you would like. These feathers are not suitable for flight.
Iridescent Aesthetic The character has some sort of iridescent part of their body, whether it be fur, scales, eyes, etc. This may not be used for body fluids. One iridescent item must be purchased for each area of iridescence (fur, eyes, teeth, etc)
Radiance Aesthetic Your character has a marking, set of markings, or area of their body that is luminescent in some way, glowing in a particular color. Keep in mind that one of this mutation must be purchased for each part of the body or each set of markings you want to glow. This may not be used for body fluids.
Style Aesthetic The character gets an unusual fur style. If the species has short fur, your character can have long fur. It may be localized, so that certain areas are longer/shorter. They may also develop a strange fur style on an area, like liberty spikes or bangs.
Moody Aesthetic According to their mood, a part of your character's body (eyes, ears, etc) or a set of markings changes color or size. This may not be used for body fluids, and if a body part is changing size it will not make it any more viable for combat.
Rare Color Aesthetic Your character can be a color that goes against the norm for their species.


Combat Some sort of boney appendage grows from your character's head. These horns may be any shape or size.
Toothy Combat The character may have multiple sets of teeth, or longer than usual fangs (canines). Teeth may also jut out from various areas of the mouth.
External Bone Combat The character has bony spikes or a bony plate growing from an area of it's body. These plates can be colored, and are on top of the fur, not replacing the fur. If covering a part of the body as a bony plate, it cannot cover an entire appendage or body part. Only up to a third of the area of the body (head, neck, torso, leg, tail) can be covered.
Quills Combat Your character has grown a small patch of quills, sticking out of it's body, within the fur, similar to a hedgehog or a porcupine. For every area of the body that is quilled, one must be purchased (ie. tail, legs, torso, neck, head).


(by breeding only)

Combat The character grows an exoskeleton made out of chitin, like insects and crustaceans. This may be localized to just one area, such as the back, or the neck, or all over the entire body.
Scales Combat The character has grown scales on certain areas of the body. These scales replace the fur on that part of the body. For each area covered in scales (ie. head, neck, torso, leg, tail), it requires another purchase.
Venomous Combat A character develops an unique venom that is injected into an enemy via teeth, claws or bony spikes only. It is not able to be shot out from an area or freely dripped from said injecting object. Keep in mind that this venom may not auto-kill or auto-incapacitate a wolf, nor may it allow you to godmod another character, unless previously agreed upon by all players. This venom may cause at maximum two of these qualities: 1) hallucinations 2) severe pain 3) loss of muscle control on the affected limb / area 4) numbness in the affected limb / area 5) thinning of the blood (increasing bleeding from wounds) 6) difficulty breathing
Scythe Combat A unique, heavy bony claw-shaped appendage that grows out the outside of both or just one of your wolf's rear paws. This claw is extremely sharp and is connected to a thick, powerful muscle in the leg that allows it to be cocked and released in a downward motion to quickly cut through flesh. At maximum, this claw on a giant wolf could be up to 2 feet long and it would be smaller on dwarf wolves or smaller species. This claw cannot be combined with retractable or venemous, and can be a bit of a hinderance to walking or lying down depending on the size relative to the wolf.
Heat Resistant Esoteric Your character's fur becomes wiry and oil-free all over it's body, increasing its resistance to heat and fire. However, exposure to excessive amounts of moisture can cause infection, or even death in the colder seasons.
Water Resistant Esoteric Your character grows thick, excessively oily fur all over it's body. It is extremely effective at repelling water and infections, but may cause a character to overheat in the warmer seasons.
Retractable Esoteric The character can retract bones or keratin-made parts of the body (such as teeth, claws, or horns). One retractable must be bought for every type of thing that it will be used for. Sets of things can be counted as one retractable: all claws, or a set of teeth, for example.
Mind Speech Esoteric Your character is able to speak to another within their mind ONLY, but is not allowed to read the mind of others. You may broadcast your mind speech out to the public for anyone to hear, or it can be specifically targeted at a single or group of wolves (and wolves only).
Heat Sensing Esoteric The character developed organs beneath the eyes (within the skull) that allows them to sense heat. They can use it to track down prey or enemies, and is very common in the Gourom. This heat-sense gives a slightly fuzzy picture of the heat signatures in an area, showing which are the warmest and the coolest.
Echolocation Esoteric The character develops the ability to use echolocation. They can locate obstacles and other living organisms by bouncing clicks/sound waves off of those objects. When the sound waves bounce back, the character will be able to discern how far away something is, what direction it is in, and general size and shape. This does not produce an actual physical map of an area or what a creature specifically looks like.
Switchcoat Esoteric Your wolf's fur or scales are able to change colors, either at your will, or reflexively due to the different seasons. Note that this does not allow a wolf to completely blend into any sort of object, nor does it allow a wolf to have a color that is outside of their species norms.
Aroma Esoteric Your wolf can walk around with their tongue out to taste scents.
Chameleon Esoteric Your character can blend into their surroundings, so long as they are still. Breathing is still allowed, but even so much as a twitch of a body part otherwise will cause the character to become immediately visible.
Ice-heart Esoteric The character's body temperature plummets. They adapt to the cold, and can survive extreme cold temperatures that would kill other wolves. This can result in hair loss. In the warmer seasons, a wolf with the ice-heart mutation will have to look for ways to keep cool, or else they hotter temperatures (although not fatal to a normal wolf) could kill them.
Fire-heart Esoteric The character's body temperature rises greatly, causing them to be much warmer than a normal wolf. They can survive extreme heat temperatures, but will suffer dire consequences if they are unable to find ways to keep their bodies warm in the colder seasons. The chilly days at the beginning of fall could be fatal, if the wolf does not find a way to adapt.
Smelly Esoteric The character is able to make their scent match that of their surroundings. This will have to be a conscious choice by the wolf to do this, and this mutation does not remove scent, simply enables it's change to that of the wolf's surroundings for the time that they are within them. This will need to be consciously changed if a wolf moves to a different setting or the scent of the area changes.
Quick Healing Esoteric The character's body heals itself from small, non-fatal wounds taken much quicker than that of a normal wolf. This is not an immediate process, but your non-fatal, small wounds will simply heal quicker over time if you are not seen by a proper healer. Please read the combat page of the wiki to see how this works in battle.
Mimicry Esoteric The character is able to mimic a wide range of sounds, somewhat like a parrot. This does not cause them to learn a language, this is just learning how to make similar sounds only.
Longevity Esoteric The character lives twice as long as their species is expected to. They can still be killed by a fatal wound. This is a hereditary mutation.
**** **** Editing below this line to change descriptions to new shop descriptions 12/9/15
Extransensory Esoteric The character has heightened senses of smell, sight, hearing, touch and taste. They can hear what others cannot, see farther than others, smell what others might miss, etc. Those with extrasensory are more keenly able to have a chance to find a wolf whom has hidden their scent or body in some way, as they can more keenly pick up on minute changes. Some also seem to have developed a sort of sixth sense, as they insist that they can see things that are not really there, such as spirits.
Vegetarian Esoteric Instead of eating meat, this wolf can survive solely off of plant material. Eating any other foods will make them sick.
Blood-drinker Esoteric The character no longer needs to eat foods. Instead, they gain all the nutrients they need from drinking the blood of other wolves and animals. Eating any other foods will make them sick.
Rock Eater Esoteric Your character has developed the strange ability to eat and absorb nutrients from rocks. Eating any other food material will make them ill.
Roots Esoteric When stationary, the character grows roots from their body into the ground, absorbing all the nutrients they need to survive from the earth. Eating other foods will make them ill.
Natural Immunity Esoteric This character is immune to natural poisons and toxins, but not to the venom of other wolves.
Pouch Esoteric The character grows a fleshy pocket located somewhere on their body, which can be used to carry different materials. It is nothing more than a pocket, however; puppies cannot be raised within them.
Misleading Esoteric Radiation has altered the way the character's body produces hormones, slowly altering their body to look like the opposite sex. While the true sex is the same, meaning the character reproduces the same way as they always would have, they now present as the opposite sex in every other way.
Regeneration Esoteric Over time, the character can regrow or heal any severely damaged parts of the body, whether they be bone, flesh or fur. The amount of time it takes something to regrow depends on what is being regrown: bones would take several weeks, flesh perhaps only a handful of days.
Replacement Esoteric A wolf develops the ability to replace the calcium in their bones with other minerals. This is a very slow process, especially if the character is not born this way. For parts of the body that have had the calcium replaced in this way, you are more resistant to having bones broken, however, you will be much heavier and it will be harder to move with agility.
Fertile Esoteric A female (only) can produce up to two more pups than the norm for her species.
Spew Esoteric Special muscles and tissues in the throat allow the wolf to projectile vomit onto others. This vomit is slightly acidic and can be used to distract others in battle or as a defense mechanism. It is not, however, acidic enough to melt or burn materials or cause permanent damage to a wolf.
Clowny Esoteric In the absence of the opposite gender, a wolf can change genders (once) in order to reproduce.
Multigenic Esoteric A female (only) may mate with and accept the genes of up to three different wolves, possibly bearing one litter of pups with up to three different fathers.
Immortality Esoteric The character becomes immortal. Some stop aging entirely, but others still seem to show decay happening on their pelt in small areas, though they are still alive. They can still be killed by a fatal wound. This is a hereditary mutation.
Elemental Paragon Esoteric Your wolf has become completely attuned a single chosen element, so much that they cannot learn or possess any other elemental magics. In doing so, they become completely immune to any magics or energies directly of their own element. (For example, if you choose this for the fire element, you may never gain any other elemental magics, but you become immune to any and all fire.) When taking this for a skill, if any other elemental skills are currently held, you lose all of those skills, as you are no longer attuned to them. You will need to let an admin know in this case so they may edit your profile. This may not be changed, and is permanent, once a paragon of an element, always.
Physical Paragon Esoteric The character gains a permanent addition of 100 points to their health and stamina. Please notify the admin when you buy this so that the increases may be made to your character. Only one of this mutation can ever be taken by a wolf, multiple purchases are not allowed.
Prehensile Tail Manifest Like the tail of a monkey, this character can use their tail to manipulate objects. Your tail is still the same type of a tail your wolf would normally have, just able to grasp things.
Antennae Manifest The character grows antennae. These may be any type of insectoid antennae, and they act as antennae normally would, as olfactory organs. They do not enhance the ability to smell, just give another sense of smell.
Dwarf Manifest Your character can be up to 12 inches shorter than the numerical average for their species. The weight should not be decreased by more than half of the numerical average for the species' weight. This does not stack, meaning that you can only have the dwarf mutation once per character.
Giant Manifest You were born for big things! Your character can grow up to 12 inches larger than the numerical average for their species. The weight should not be increased by more than half of the numerical average for the species' weight. This does not stack, meaning that you can only have the giant mutation once per character.
Duplicate Manifest The character grows a single extra appendage for a specific body part that already exists on their body (tail, head, etc.). Certain parts of the body that come in pairs (front legs, rear legs, ears, eyes) do fall under the idea of one thing to duplicate. (For example, if you want six legs, simply use duplicate for either the pair of front legs or the pair of back legs).
Fins Manifest Your wolf has grown some fins on parts of it's body. These may be just for decoration, or for aid in swimming.
Flight Manifest Your character grows one set of wings! These can be feathered or leathery wings, scaly, etc.
Nictitating Menbrane Manifest The wolf has gained a second functional eyelid under their first one. This can be for underwater vision or blocking debris while digging if it is hardened, or act as goggles while flying. ONE function of the membrane must be chosen when this mutation is purchased, it may not "change" depending on the use.
Gills Manifest The character has grown gills and can now breathe underwater.
Webbing Manifest The wolf has grown extra webbing between their toes, or has even grown more webs elsewhere, increasing the wolf's ability to swim and maneuver in the water.
Extra Digit Manifest Instead of four toes on each paw, your wolf has a fifth that slightly opposes the others, enabling better grasping of objects, though fine manipulations or great dexterity is out of your reach. Your paw also still remains looking like a wolf paw, simply with another, extra, furry toe.
Sticky Pads Manifest The wolf's paw pads become sticky, like a gecko's. The toes spread out and flatten slightly, allowing for proper grip. The wolf can now walk on walls, but wet or slimy surfaces cannot be walked on and the sticky pads may attract unwanted debris.


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