In early spring, the first wolves begin arriving in the ruins of Stockholm. They are greeted by strange flying objects- drones - which lead them to the Science Facility. A group of wolves forced the closed doors open, and were greeted in the lobby by a hologram. The hologram explained that there once were humans that lived in the city and that they had destroyed each other. Then, the hologram lead them up into a special room lined with long tubular-objects. These were stasis pods, in which there were humans. The hologram released them before the wolves, laughing maniacly.

After having been released from their stasis pods by an insane artificial intelligence known as Holer, the humans begin to reluctantly leave the building which had housed them for hundreds of years. No one can be certain, but it stands to reason that Holer is making living inside the building difficult, thus forcing the humans to find some other means of survival.

They have been seen around the city both scavenging for supplies and attempting to observe the wildlife

Members of the Orior  have tried to observe the humans to determine if they pose threat. The humans approached them and tried to communicate, seemingly more friendly and less aggressive than when they were first faced with the wolves. The wolves made no attempt to communicate with the humans, and ended up scaring them off through the use of magic when they came too close. What could the humans' motives have been? Why would they want to try and touch a wolf, even after it had made it clear that it did not want to be touched?