There are a lot of words that are specific to Sverige. It can be confusing to know how to correctly use these words in and out of character. This page should help you figure it all out.

Species & Beasts

Species and beasts are not proper nouns, and therefore should not be capitalized. It is incorrect to say "Sorine is a Gourom." It is correct to say "Sorine is a gourom." The first example would mean that there is only one of whatever she is left, and not that she is one of many of a certain type of wolf.


Cryptids are an exception. Their names should be capitalized. "The river monster" could refer to anything one saw in the water that happened to be ugly or mean, however "the River Monster" is very specific and lets us know that the cryptid is being spoken of.


Classes should not be capitalized.


Any specific location on the map should be capitalized, such as the University or the Dark Woods. These are specific locations, not just any university or any woods.