o1. Anyone posting a rank challenge should explain out of character why they are doing this and what they plan on doing if they are successful.

o2. A character that fails to answer a challenge automatically loses their rank. A player who is known to be away cannot be challenged.

o3. You must document damage taken, attack used, and defenses set out of character in your post. If you are using an x attack, x dodge system, then make note of how many attacks have been used (out of how many), and how many dodges have been used (out of how many).

o4. Both characters will wear out. Please try to be realistic and include this in your posts. If your character’s paw has been damaged, it will be difficult for them to move around too much, for example.

o5. You have three days to answer in a rank challenge. If either the challenger or the one being challenged does not answer within three days, they will forfeit. (Of course, if something comes up in real life and you know ahead of time [but after the challenge has been started] that you will not be able to make that time limit, contact and administrator and the person you are challenging. Something will be worked out.)

o6. Any new leaders or anyone who has gained a new position has a two week (out of character) safe period.