The River Monster resides in the large river that runs through Stockholm. No one is sure what type of animal it is (mammal, reptile, fish, etc.), because it has been seen both inside and outside of the water.

Physical Description


Sitting atop a long neck is an oval head. The mouth is overlarge and is filled with hundreds are small, sharp, pointed teeth. On the sides of its head are two, massive black with milky-white swirls. These eyes have nictitating membranes. The snout is pale pink, and this skin color extends up towards the eyes. Instead of an abrupt ending, there speckles away to the beast's base color. When the mouth opens, a very long and fleshy pink tongue extends from it. The tip is hard, and can be used to harpoon prey. Supposedly, the beast can inject venom into its prey through its tongue.

The animal is long and cylindrical in shape. It has four strange flippers, which have bone structures in them which almost resemble the fingers in a bat's wing. There are three in each flipper, which are tipped in black claws. Atop its back, and down its long tail, there are several large membranous fins protruding from the skin. At the front of each of these fins is a single black spine. No one is certain what they can do. Because it lives in the water, this apex predator exhibits countershading. The top of its body is a muddy grayish-brown. The further one goes towards the stomach, the lighter the creature becomes. Its entire underside (neck, stomach, and bottom of the tail) is a pale brown.


Approximately 30ft in length, 8 feet tall when stretched out, and 17ft tall with its head full raised.


Presumed to be a carnivore.


Can sometimes be seen basking in the sun on the beach or in the water, but is presumed to turn hostile when approached.