As with their larger cousins, the wild cats, these small critters have adapted over the years, along with the help of radiation, to live and breed in the city itself. These cats that exist now trace their lineages back to intact house cats that survived the human apocalypse and had "gone feral". Those that were weak died out, and the strong survived to become a completely new breed of animal altogether, though still reminiscent of a basic house cat to those that might have seen one at any time.

Lifespan: 9 - 17 years / Diet: carnivorous / Rarity: common

Physical Description


These small felines have only a small stub as a tail, often only a few inches long. They have overlarge ears, shaped somewhat like an ubeli's, which appears to make them even more able to hear even the tiniest noise. Their eyes are slanted inwards slightly and have a luminescence to them that allows them to see even in absolute darkness. They have sleek, short fur that lies close to their bodies. They come in colors of gray, black, brown and mixtures of the three.

Ruin Catbyjack

Balancing Ruin Cat drawn by Jack.


These critters grow to be no more than 10-15 pounds, perhaps 15 inches tall, and are sleek and long-bodied, often 20-24 inches long from nose to end of tail.


Ruin cats are scavengers, clever enough to generally hide in the shadows until a kill is abandoned and then cleaning up the rest, bones and all. However, when they do hunt, they hunt in packs of 3-5 and will take down small vermin, non predatory birds and occasionally, a giant rat. They are obligate carnivores like their larger cousins.


Ruin cats are stealthy and standoffish, not fond of the wolves that have inhabited Sverige recently. Therefore, they generally stay away from them the best they can. It is difficult to find a ruin cat even if you were looking for one, as they tend to be able to blend into the shadows of the old human buildings quite well due to their coloring. They are very smart, and not easily deceived, having lived with and manipulated humans long ago.


Ruin cats can breed any time they want, though they don't generally breed if food is scarce. Their gestation period is about 90 days, and they will have between 5-8 kits.


Ruin Cat Bustbyjack

A Ruin Cat watching . . . drawn by Jack.

These felines, unlike their larger cousins, are very quiet. The only sounds they make are purrs and chirping mews, but they are not really a language so much as just a way to announce themselves to others. They communicate with one another by scent marking, thus there is no "language" to be learned to communicate better with them.