Little blurb about scientist humans here.

NPC type: plot / Species: human / Gender: N/A / Appears: Commonly in West Stockholm, but can be found anywhere

Physical DescriptionEdit

These look like normal humans with the exception that they are generally seen wearing blues, browns, greens, and whites.  They also tend to be carrying things with them, carrying items that they will fiddle with, or a bag that they will put things in to take with them.


These humans are interested in two things: survival, and learning more about the strange and wonderful creatures that have come to inhabit Stockholm and the surrounding areas.  They are generally non-violent, and approach wolves with the idea of gaining knowledge and figuring out just how they  have become how they are, with their powers and mutations.  To survive, they are attempting to work with this new world to them, rather than against it. 


They are commonly found in West Stockholm, in the southern-west portion of the city near the river, having not wandered too far from where they were originally released from. This is due to the fact that they have holed themselves up in another building that appears to have also survived well through the years, perhaps a smaller one similar to the one that they came from.  They tend to not wander too far out into the wilderness, having a healthy respect for things out there that might want to eat them.


Opening the FloodgatesEdit

These humans were released by Holer alongside the Militant Humans. For several months they lived with the other humans and struggled to survive. However, a difference of opinion ending up splitting the group of humans in two. Both groups went separate ways to pursue their own interests.

The InvestigationsEdit

Having holed themselves up in another dwelling, called a Research Station, until the spring, they then started heading out into the city in small groups to attempt to scavenge useful items for their survival. Being that they were curious about the wolves, upon encountering several of them, they became more intrigued and attempted to befriend one that continued to approach their home.