Shavroc is a moderator on Sverige, although some may also know of her as Windseeker or "Windy".  She is a wonderful asset to the Sverige team, as she has an incredibly deep knowledge of the game and many of it's nuances, as well as great intuition on how certain mechanics should work in a forum role-play.

She is a legally blind lady in her 20's, living in Philadelphia, PA and working for the U.S. government.  Just this last year, she accomplished her Masters Degree in Forensic Psychology, which makes her a super genius at legal jargon and all of those related fun things that go along with it! 

At home, she enjoys the company of two canine companions, both courtesy of The Seeing Eye.  Her current guide dog, a German Shepherd named Felicia, helps her with getting around in her daily life currently. Kazzi, a black Labrador Retriever, served as her guide dog for many years prior, and is now retired and living the lazy life of a treasured companion where she keeps the bed warm for when the two of them return for the day!

In the role-playing world, Windy has played on many different wolf role-plays, including being the admin of her own for a brief time. This has given her a lot of great experience on how games are typically run, and how certain mechanics must function properly for good role-play. Not only does she have extensive experience in forum role-play, she is also a brilliant artist! She lays claim to a great menagerie of photomanipulations and digital paintings, all of which are quite stunning and encompass a wide range of creature subjects from wolves to dragons.

On Sverige, her duties are to keep a watchful eye out on the members, and help those that might need it when the admin is busy or away.  She is also currently in charge of the Skill Database of Sverige, which keeps track of characters and what skills they possess. 


Shavroc - Azahi loner



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