It causes extreme distress, making it near-impossible to move due to shooting pain which occurs in all of the joints of one's body. One will die within a few days if not healed properly by other methods or cared for by another, due to the lack of being able to move to eat or drink.  Leaves must be crushed and the liquid is what causes the distress, which can happen with chewing of the leaves, as leaves are inactive until they are crushed.


It looks similar to Bitterleaf, but instead of having four to six of those curved, yellow-green leaves, they only ever have two leaves. The leaves are very slick to the touch, they almost feel as if they are not real.  
Sickleaf by hazuki721-d9c13r8

Sickleaf by Hazuki.


This plant is found in forests and meadows in any season, as it is very hardy.


Treatment is mainly supportive, first, vomiting must be induced to rid the body of as much of it as possible. Then, due to the near-impossibility of moving to eat and drink, the affected will need to be carefully taken care of, usually force-fed.  Achebark and Darksleep can be used to alleviate the pain for a time. After about five days, the plant will pass through digestion and the pain will fade to nothing.