Sisu is a nomadic group of wolves whose founders have all known one another since childhood.


Year One > to presentEdit

Sisu has no leader. Instead, all major decisions are discussed between all members of the pack.



As Sisu has no leader, teamwork really is quite important to them. All members of Sisu have learned, and are expected to, put their differences aside and cooperate with one another. The inability to due so could be almost catastrophic for a group as democratic as this.

Let Bygones be BygonesEdit

Due to the past of the Sisu's members, they believe in letting others be, and expect to be left alone as well.

Tentatively Dealing JusticeEdit

If the member so Sisu see a wrong being done, if they have the strength to right the situation they will make an attempt to do so. However, they are a small pack of relatively inexperienced wolves. They know that there are some problems they will not be able to fix, though passing by those in need is difficult for the group.


Sisu is not actively recruiting, though they surely would not object to taking in those in need who agree with their ideals.

Guests & VisitorsEdit

Sisu has no place to call home or territory to defend, though they would gladly shelter anyone in need for a few nights if they have the resources to do so.


Foundation (Before Year One)Edit

The founders of Sisu were once slaves (with the exception of one) to a pack of wolves known as the Boarfangs. After many years, the slaves of the Boarfangs made a giant attempt at escape. A small group of slaves and the guard that watched over them ended up free, but at the cost of one of their friend's lives (or so they believed). The grief of their loss cemented the group together, forming a pack which has been wandering for years.