Skickra are revered and respected by many natives of Sverige for their beauty and magical abilities. Because of their intelligence, magical abilities, and language skills, they are often considered to be on the same 'level' as wolves. To hunt and kill one is regarded as a sin by many.

Lifespan: maximum of 25 years  /  Diet: herbivore  /  Rarity: extremely rare

Physical Description


Skickra are a type of giant elk. Their coats range from soft browns to pure white. Some have darker spots along their spine or rib cage. They have enormous antlers, and more often than not have more than one set. Both males and females have antlers.

They are the only other species that has learned to control magic.


They are around eight feet tall at the shoulder, and weigh around five hundred pounds.


Skickrat will eat nearly all plant life, from grass to leaves to even the bark off of trees. They have also been known to eat mushrooms and berries.


Skickrat are usually very peaceful creatures, avoiding confrontation whenever possible. They would much rather solve an issue with words rather than violence, though that does not mean that they cannot cause trouble when necessary. They are very proud as a whole, with some being rather bull-headed and opinionated. Skickrat tend to be loners, but often can be found in a small groups of 2-3 individuals (generally a single male and two females).

Skickra are the only creatures besides wolves that can learn any elemental affinities. They can learn up to two elemental affinities, out of the basic four: air, earth, fire and water and are not capable of knowing sub-skills. One of said skills can be leveled up to champion, the other to master level. 


Skickrat breed in fall and winter, and give birth in spring or summer. They normally have only one calf, but it is not unheard of for them to have two, it is simply very rare.


Skickrat communicate with one another using shrill calls and grunts. With training, wolves can learn to speak skickrsk. It is impossible for a skickra to learn to speak wolfish.