In the fall and winter appear as just the tough plant shoots, but in the spring and summer bloom tiny purple flowers all over their sides. They grow all year round and can be dried and stored for later use. Grinding them into a paste via chewing or other means, allows them to be applied over injuries, which causes the blood flow to stop and healing to start to take place. A poultice of these should be changed daily until the wound heals.


These are tough, somewhat bitter tasting dark green and brown stems that grow to about 3-4 inches tall. 
Sticker weed by hazuki721-d9coyhv

Stickerweed by Hazuki.


This plant is found in forests and meadows in any season, as it is very hardy.  It can also be found on river banks in any season and infrequently, grows in strange areas due to it's ability to sprout anywhere seeds might fall.