Ubeli have earned themselves a reputation for being tricksters, liars, and thieves. They are often regarded with suspicion. Ubeli are powerful mages, as their bodies are more than ill-suited for physical combat.  In game terms, this means that ubeli are a mage class species, as described on the classes wiki page.

Physical Description



Nearly all of an ubeli's height is in its legs. They are extremely long and thin, with small paws on the ends. These legs are an extremely vulnerable point and are not good for much else than moving the ubeli at moderate speeds. They can run swiftly, but only for short distances.

An ubeli's shoulders and rump are slightly accentuated; they have a little dip in the area between them. They have shorter necks, and triangular heads. Their snouts are a bit long, and they have very large, thick, rounded ears.

Sexual Dimorphism

Females have longer tails, and are typically a little taller than males.


Ubeli are a maximum of 40 inches tall at the shoulders, making them slightly shorter than lerkrat. A short ubeli may only be 35 inches tall. They weigh a maximum of 120 pounds, but tend to weigh more between 100 and 80 pounds.


Ubeli colors

A color chart for the most typical colors an ubeli is found in. Any colors that are especially extremely dark to the point of being black or almost black will need a mutation purchase.

Almost all of them have medium-length fur, unlike the rest of the wolves in Sverige. They are often very vibrant in color, but typically come in simple patterns. In the colder months, they grow even longer, thicker fur.


Ubeli have excellent vision and the best night-vision of all the wolves in Sverige. Their ears and nose are really nothing special.


Known for being deceptive, the ubeli are widely seen as a group that are not to be trusted. While their large brains and powerful minds make them excellent users of magic, it also lends the majority of them a gift of words. They are known for getting what they want, often without the use of force.

Ubeli tend to be loners. Even if they belong to a group of other ubeli, they do not always hang around the others too much. A pack of ubeli are not usually very accepting of other species, though if they decide to join a mixed group they seem to have no issue with being around other species.


The gestation period of an ubeli is 45 days, or one in character season. They have 2 puppies at the most, and breed up to two times a year.


Ubeli can take down large prey with their magic and will eat anything that they can catch, but when physically hunting as individuals they tend to stray toward smaller prey and won't hunt anything larger than a giant rat


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