Eating such a thing causes an immediate intense stomach pain and nausea, one being unable to keep any food in one's stomach. If not cured, it can cause death after several days of  not being able to keep in nutrition.  Just eating the flower on it's own can cause the symptoms, but they would be more mild and take longer to manifest than mashing it up with water to create a paste to contact with the wolf's blood, which is generally immediate and very devastating.


It looks like Darksleep, but instead of individual bushes, this one is a mere single purple flower in the midst of a small dark green plant. It too, lies low to the ground, but it is very solitary, growing on it's own. 
Voilet death by hazuki721-d9c13vc

Violet Death by Hazuki.


This plant is found in forests and meadows during the spring and summer seasons.


Bitter leaf or achebark will control the pain in the stomach, however the vomiting must be stopped as well. A particular plant that calms the stomach, known as Twistroot, can be mashed and eaten to soothe the stomach. An infusion of Twistroot, Bitterleaf and Achebark can be drank every hour for five hours to completely cure the symptoms.