A water elemental can summon water, and later on, create it, for offensive or defensive purposes. Once they reach apprentice level, they can learn the blood skill.

Possible Abilities & Skill Levels


Beginners of the water skill can extract small amounts of water from existing bodies of water and manipulate it into different shapes or move it to different areas. They can also minorly move water that exists, causing a small ripple. This use of water is non-harmful at this stage but may be used to cleanse wounds or drink from.


The user can now pull water out of the ground. They have better control over it and may use it to help clean out wounds. It can also be used offensively and defensively, though the water cannot be moved or thrown more than ten feet or so from the user. The character may also be able to change the state of small amounts of water (liquid to gas, for example).


Now able to pull water from the air, or even create their own, the user has gained almost complete control of the element. They can more easily change the state of the liquid and can move twice as much and twice as far. At this point in their training, the user could create waves of water to overcome their enemies.


Masters can control massive quantities of water, giving them the ability to create whirlpools or waterspouts (when combined with air magic, for example). They may be able to create snow or hailstorms over an area of several dozen feet or so by pulling at the water that is held in clouds above, although it is a area limited by a few wolflengths around said wolf.


A champion of the water skill can now manipulate decent-sized bodies of water (Fragrant Pond, for example), or even create them. When combined with other skills, the effects can be devastating. Whole areas may be flooded or buildings could be destroyed when used in combination with other skills. Lakes can be lifted, manipulated, entirely moved if one wanted. Even the sea or rivers are able to be twisted to the wolf's will. Water can also be brought down from clouds in the sky, pulled by the immense affinity of the champion water user in an extreme range around the wolf - clouds could even be created if a water user works with an air user of an equivalent level. A champion of their element is IMMUNE to their own crafted element, meaning that if it's of their own personal elemental affinity, they will not suffer ill effects of it.